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In 1959 O'Sensei Kim arrived in San Francisco and began to teach there on a permanent basis. Throughout the years that followed he taught in San Francisco and Sacramento. He traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe teaching the martial arts. As well as teaching the physical aspects of the martial arts O'Sensei taught the philosophy, history, strategy and spiritual aspects of the arts. He was an excellent lecturer and a story teller second to none.

O'Sensei wrote a monthly column for "Karate Illustrated" magazine and wrote a number of books including: "The Weaponless Warriors", "The Classical Man." and a Kobudo series. He was named Karate Sensei of the Year and later inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame. He was the Director of the American Amateur Karate Federation and Vice President for the International Traditional Karate Federation. As a testament to O'Sensei's achievements, Master Hidetaka Nishiyama of the International Traditional Karate Federation presented O'Sensei Kim with the rank of Judan at his memorial service.

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