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Karate Kobudo Tai Chi

As a general policy, verification of all of the above will be necessary before the approval of membership. Paper documentation may not be sufficient for consideration, and thus official interviewing by the appropriate representative may be required.

Membership is a necessary step toward a certified membership of KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI. .

Fee for the General Membership
The membership fee is 20 EUR per Dojo per year.
The Dojo will be listed on this site: KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI Dojo.

Certified Membership
In order to become a certified member of the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI, a formal examination process may be required by a designated official representative, Hanshi or Kyoshi.

Certified members who run a Dojo can also order a yearly Dojo membership certificate for 10 EUR.

Certified members and their Black belts who are certified by the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI are listed on our web site under Certified”.

You are welcome to contact any of the official representatives listed if you have any other questions.

The certification of a dojo as a certified member is only confirmed by the actually listing on this site:

KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI welcomes all qualified candidates who lead a Dojo or Federation in the Traditional Martial Arts of Karate or Kobudo.

General Membership
Those Dojos who wish to become a member of KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI must contact us directly with the following information required to be considered for membership.

Send the following information to KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI office to email address: office@butokukai.info

The KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI will notify you after examining the materials sent in.

They are the legitimate representatives appointed by the authority of the KOKUSAI BUTOKUKAI as Hanshi or Kyoshi.

A candidate must be recommended by a Dojo in good standing.

It is protocol and standard procedure, before membership selection, that the candidate must be a person of integrity and sincerity, a strong supporter of Traditional Martial Arts with a proven record of Martial Arts credentials.