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Kokusai Butokukai | International Martial

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the homepage of the international martial arts association Kokusai Butokukai. We teach traditional Shorinji Ryu martial arts such as karate, kobudo, as well as tai chi and chi kung.

We invite you to browse for information about our association and the various martial arts we are teaching.

No matter whether you are just looking for something new, whether you would like to expand your knowledge of Shorinji Ryu martial arts or whether you are thinking of joining us, please contact us. We are looking forward to answering your questions.


Yours sincerely,
Kyoshi Louis Jemison,
President of the Kokusai Butokukai
Kyoshi Stephan Peitz,
Secretary General

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| at the Kokusai Butokukai | Founded by Hanshi Richard Kim in 1976 |

Martikkala Hanna, 2. Dan Karate
Valerio Josey, 4. Dan Karate, Kobudo
Breton Paule, 2. Dan Karate, Kobudo
McDonough Kevin, 2. Dan Karate, Kobudo
Dennis Jean, 1. Dan Karate, Kobudo
Gammie Bruce
, 1. Dan Karate, Kobudo
Prendergast Shelley, 1. Dan Karate, Kobudo
Marmorato Joel, 1. Dan Karate

Wakefield Dan, 5. Dan Karate
Sanford Sean, 4. Dan Karate

Certified Federations And Dojo In 2014

11 Federations
34 Dojo

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